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Brand Introduction

We are an independent diamond merchant and Jeweller situated in the heart of Johannesburg ,South Africa, home Tim Kuilmine , also known as the Kimberley Hole, the world largest hand-dug diamond excavation in the world that has mined some of the worlds biggest and finest gems for decades.

We pride ourselves in offering a very personal service with high standards, much of our jewellry is hand made, working with clients to create a truly unique masterpieces and our gems are hand pick for the finest quality by our Gemologist.

Brand Story
The establishment of AFISIA ETERNITY, Ms. Jessie's life legend
Imitate love jewelry into a poem
Her love of jewelry, the pursuit of the United States is almost paranoid; she is fond of design, meticulous drawing, giving every piece of jewelry attractive; her love of art, good at drawing flowers and insects fish into poetry. She always cherishes every piece of jewelry she designs or wears, and says that every piece of jewelry represents a story, and every piece of jewelry contains the memory of the owner.
But she eventually encountered a problem. In 2010, one of her beloved jewels was damaged and repaired. She was told there would be flaws in her recovery and was sent abroad. Her heart unwilling to do a survey, the result was even more surprising to her: the entire domestic jewelry industry there are maintenance problems! At that time she was secretly determined: to integrate the world's top craftsmanship, with extreme dedication, so that more loved ones love again.
Determined to revolutionize Europe
Full of innocence, Jessie traveled to Europe in 2011. In Florence, she met an elderly nearly 70, his life only jewelry repair this thing, craftsmanship dear! The elderly also appreciate Jessie's dream and perseverance, giving her guidance and support without reservation. Leave Italy, Jessie also removed all countries, concentrate on inspection of the international first-line brand jewelry workshop. In Hemmerle, the classic style of its plugged into the United States wings; in Goossens, cross-border innovation into her spiritual light; in Gripoix, gorgeous color is inspired her to create the United States, the United States desire to control! Who has thought of this moment, this picturesque girl, has long been the jewelry repair process, equipment and processes well known!
Never mind the beginning to create a miracle
Some travel back, it is late 2012, Jessie did not forget the original intention, began to act for the dream of mind. She recruits talents, the global selection of technicians team selection; she diligently search, take the lead in asking the master out of the mountains. Her disorientation on the streets of Paris, and her once-in-a-life experience in Yunnan Province, all failed to keep her pace and determination. After more than two years of resource integration, she finally founded the Royal Goldsmith, with a rebirth of the original heart, and a group of craftsmanship ultimate craftsman.
Time AFISIA ETERNITY has evolved into an industry leader over the years, making it a trusted brand for fashion professionals! The original dream of fire, today has bloomed miracles! Shangzhi Shang Si, the gold supernaturally bright craftsmanship, crown when the world; Shang Jing Shang Cheng, the Imperial Goldsmith make love flawless, so love for long!

Service Advantage

Profession: Register for GIA Appraisers Select Diamonds

Profession: Global Insured Logistics

Guarantee: life-long cleaning service, jewelry trade-in

Quality:Each diamond is accompanied by the world's most authoritative GIA certificate

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